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What does the “F” mean?

The “F” stand for Filial which means – generation after the parental generation.

F1 – will have a Serval parent. (One generation removed from the Serval)

F2 – will have a Serval grandparent. (Two generations removed from the Serval)

F3 – will have a Serval great grandparent. (Three generations removed from the Serval)

F4 – will have a Serval great, great, grandparent. (Four generations removed from the Serval)

The lower the number, the closer it is related to the serval

The higher the number, the further it is related to the serval

What does A, B, C, and SBT mean?

(A) means that One Parent is a NON-SAVANNAH.

(B) means both Parents are Savannah.

(C) means Parents and Grandparents are Savannah.

(SBT) means Stud Book Tradition. An SBT is considered to be “pure” Savannah and must be at least FOUR generations of Savannah to Savannah.

How Big Will My Cat Be?

F1’s and F2’s are closely related to the serval, therefore they are usually the largest. However, this is not always the case. Genetics also play a role in size. Don’t get hung up on weight! Savannah cats should be Long, Lean, and Tall cats that often appear to weigh far more than they actually do.

Savannah Sizes

F1 12 – 25lbs 15″-18″ at the shoulders 12-18lbs 13″-17″ at the shoulders
F2 11-25lbs 15″-18″ 12-15lbs 11″-14″
F3 10-20lbs 14″-16″ 8-12lbs 10″-12″
F4-F7 9-18lbs 10″-14″ 7-10lbs 9″-12″

This graph represents an average and is for comparison only.

Do they make good pets?

Savannah cats of all generations make wonderful pets. Proper socialization from the breeder and responsible owners are key as with ANY other pets. F1’s and F2’s are very loyal and bond strongly with immediate family but can be more aloof with strangers and children. F3’s – F7’s are considered “everyone friendly” and more accepting of a busier household. Keep this in mind when deciding on the generation that best fits your family.

Why are Savannah cats so expensive?

Savannah cats can be expensive for several reasons. The foundation Savannah is very difficult to produce. Providing quality care for a serval is also costly. If someone is fortunate enough to get a Serval to breed a domestic, (there are very few breeders worldwide who have had success and many have tried) you must still contend with the fact that their gestation periods differ enough that producing a live kitten is still difficult. Many queens will absorb or abort the litter. Then, the time and effort put into caring for early generation kittens is no small task. Vetting, quality food, and testing for a variety of things are just some of the costs a breeder incurs for all generations of Savannah cats to ensure you the highest quality kitten possible. Contrary to what most would think, early generation litters usually produce 1 – 3 kittens. The cost is higher for breeders as breeding rights must also be purchased. Breeding Savannah cats and breeding high quality Savannah cats are two very different things.

Why do some later gens cost more than some earlier gens?

Male Savannahs are sterile in the early generations. A male Savannah is not usually fertile until the 5th generation (F5) and that can still be hit and miss. F6’s and later are more reliable for breeding. Breeding prices are considerably more for both, males and females. Our pet prices will usually be towards the lower end of pricing per generation.

How do I avoid SCAMS?

It happens much more frequently than you would imagine. There are ways to determine if a breeder is legit. Check to see if their cattery is registered with TICA. Savannahcat.com also has list of registered breeders. Our cattery is registered with both. If you find a “cheap” Savannah, RUN! Scammers will steal pictures from reputable breeders claiming them as their own. They will then offer you a gorgeous kitten at a fraction of the price, that does not even belong to them. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is just that.

Do Savannah cats get along with other pets?

Savannah cats often coexist with other family pets such as cats and dogs. Proper introduction should be followed to ensure the best results. Don’t be surprised if you find your Savannah cuddled up with your dog and you may want to cover your fish tanks, because some Savannahs don’t mind going for a dip.

Can my Savannah cat roam freely?

NO! There are many reasons why you should never do this. Predators, vehicles, extreme weather, and being stolen are just a few. An indoor cat’s average life span is 12 – 20 years while an outdoor cat’s life span is 1 – 5 years. You can give your cat the outdoor experience with a safe enclosed outdoor area, also known as a catio if you choose.

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