Savannah Kitten Care


Bringing your kitten home:

Your kitten should be kept in a small room, away from any other pets, where it can easily find its food, water, litter, and get to know you! We will provide a care sheet that has all of the information for your new kitten prior to his/her arrival so you can have everything ready for your new fur baby.

Your new Savannah kitten can join you when they are between 12-14 weeks of age (TICA recommends a minimum of 12 weeks of age). We like to ensure that our babies are confident, well socialized, and spoiled rotten when they leave us.

Your new Savannah kitten will come TICA (The International Cat Association) registered, well socialized, microchipped, UTD on vaccines, Spayed/Neutered (if pet only), and have a 1 year written health guarantee. You will also have a lifetime of support from us. Just because they’ve left our home, doesn’t mean they have left our hearts.


Vet Care:

Your new Savannah kitten does not require any “special” veterinary care and will already be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations. All of our babies leave with a recent health certificate from our veterinarian and we encourage you to also see your veterinarian soon after receiving your new kitten to confirm its good health. This is also recommended by TICA. We also suggest noting your kittens file at your veterinarian’s office to include No Ketamine or Ketamine cocktails and recommend routine checkups, as with any pet.



Savannah Cats can eat the same food as any other domestic cat. Keep in mind that they should always be given good quality food whether it be a Raw diet, or a Grain Free cat food diet that you choose. Always transition your new kitten Gradually if you choose to change their diet from what they are acclimated to. This is to avoid an upset stomach.



Savannah cats are known for having a “dog like” personality, and of course, a lot of energy! Taking your Savannah for a walk (with a proper harness and leash), playing fetch, or simply letting them chase a feather wand are some ways to stimulate your kitten and don’t forget that some Savannahs love WATER! Savannah cats are also Very Intelligent so we suggest child proofing your home so your new kitty doesn’t find enrichment in the Wrong places. Opening cabinets and even doors can be a breeze for some Savannahs.



Savannah cats like their litterboxes to be kept clean. Some even prefer to have 2 litterboxes, one for each task. Your kitten will come litter trained, but always transition him/her gradually if you choose to change their litter from what they are accustomed to. This will help to prevent unwanted accidents.

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