– Henry M.

Baloo is our beautiful F2 male. Myself and my family feel so blessed that he has come to live with us and bring us so much joy. He was 24 weeks old when he came to us and he is now almost a year old now and has grown so much he weighs in at 11lbs 4oz and is long and lean and getting tall. He likes to steal chicken or red meat off the counters by just reaching up grabbing it and running off to… eat his “kill” as we call it cuz he’s constantly hunting. He can run and jump so high to where he can clear the couch when chasing Jasper our other cat. Our children love him and he loves them so much. It not uncommon for him to crawl under the blankets to sleep with the children or us. We are so happy that we were referred to Crystal About Baloo, she was so helpful and patiently waited for us to get back from vacation before we could have Baloo come to our home. Myself and my family thank you and we can’t picture our family without Baloo he is truly a special cat.